The bridge over the river Waal, Ewijk, Netherlands © Rob de Koter

People are searching the web for your services or merchandise. I can help you connect.

Web Design

Web Design is building bridges to potential clients. With a Web Site based on a Web Content Management System like Drupal, the upkeep can be managed upon completion without the additional help of a web designer. Besides creating a Web Site for you I can help you develop a well balanced social media strategy so your business won't be overlooked.  This is not only for large businesses or corporations only. This investment pays off and the Web Site is easily manageable.

Your Web Site

Your Web Site is the business card of your company on the web. Therefore it must be designed and programmed with the greatest of care since “The first impression is half the job done.”
I will design your Web Site matching your company’s corporate identity. If you do not have a corporate identity yet, I can design the complete package for you. This consists of: the Web Site, matching business cards and letter heads, invoice-templates, Word-templates, signatures for e-mail, flyers etc.

Existing Web Sites

If you have an existing Web Site that that needs an overhaul or needs to be extend or revamped you came to the right place. I can modify, extend revamp or transfer almost any Web Site.
Examples are: add e-commerce to your Web Site, perform SEO, add Social Media links and much more. Call me or send me an e-mail for more information.

Web Site Lease

Buying a Web Site is not the only solution.  You can also consider an all-included leasing package for your presentation on the web. Design, maintenance and hosting for a year or more at a fixed monthly rate.

Web Site hosting and domain name registration

Additionally I can care for your web hosting. Registering the accurate Domain name and e-mail-addresses will give your company the professional image you wish for.

To see more

You can browse through the various pages for more detailed information and have a look at my portfolio. These examples and more are what I can design for you. The two images on the left of this page are links to my two latest Web Sites.
A lot of my work is done as a sub contractor for larger design companies.  I can not show these Web Sites since I do not own the copyrights.

About me

I am a professional Web Designer and Photographer.
In 1986 I received my bachelors degree in Photography. In 2001 I graduated in Information Technology at Dirksen in Arnhem, Holland specializing in Web Design.
I established my business as a Web Designer creating Commercial Web Sites. Being interested in art, I began developing Web Sites for Artists and Galleries, for instance  Syzygy Gallery, Der Malerhof  and Art Institutions, such as Big Arts in  Sanibel Island, Florida.
Since 2010 I connected with Drupal - An Open Source Web Content Management System. This allows the owner of the Web Sites I create to maintain their Web Site, as easy as one can post content to Face Book. Meanwhile I have developed a series well functioning Drupal Web Sites.
I am an active member of the Drupal Association and as such always up to date with the latest technology.


Visit my Web Site to see examples of my Photography at www.dekoter.net

In case of questions related to my work, don’t hesitate to contact me.

My two most recent blog posts

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