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Your web site is the business card of your company. Therefore it must be designed and programmed with the greatest care since “the first impression is half the job done.”
All you need to do is present your info to us and have your new and modern web site created by a Pro!

There are several options we can create for you:

Using Drupal, one of the most stabile open source web content management systems, we can create a dynamic interactive website, were you can create and edit your own content, upload photo's and have visitors interact with you as easily as on Face Book.

The most economical solution is a static website. You just hand over all the information to us and we create the complete website. This being the most economical solution.

Business Cards & Stationary

To complete the total package, we can also provide you with designs for business stationary, flyers and mailings in your personalized  logo.

Business cards and stationary in the layout of your web site are impressive and immediately create your client’s trust. A one-step-ahead marketing tool. Read more about Welcome

My Blog

Unfriend app and strange links

This evening I had to make some changes to a website and noticed something strange in my browser, the site had links in the text I had not put in there. For example this was added to the word complete in the code "<nobr><a id="FALINK_1_0_0" class="FAtxtL" href="#">complete</a></nobr>"

How to incorporate a YouTube movie

This is how you incorporate a YouTube movie