In-active Websites

These are websites I had created throughout the years and which are no longer active. Most of these web sites are designed in HTML/PHP. They are not responsive and do not use a WCMS. If you click on the image or the "read more" link you will find a full description of the project and a larger screenshot.

Jelle by Rob de Koter

Jelle de Koter

Launch Date: Sun, 05/17/2009

This web site was to support my son during his graduation at the school for sound and vision.

The website is down and he is meanwhile a sound technician at the university of Nijmegen, the Netherlands.Read more

Nine18 in the Center


Launch Date: Mon, 03/15/2010

Nine18 in the Center was a contemporary service in the Faith Presbyterian Church in Cape Coral Florida.

At the start I made a program page for the service.Read more

The Bethesda United Methodist Church wide view

The Bethesda United Methodist Church

Launch Date: Thu, 09/24/2015

The website for the Bethesda United methodist Church in Salisbury MD is an interesting project because the website has many editors.

Each editor is be able to create and edit his own content but can not edit other editors content. This was quite challenging.

In the near future we...Read more