Responsive Web Design

Can you use your Web Site on a Smart Phone ?

Since 2015, 33.4 % of all traffic on the internet goes through Mobile devices and the trend is rising.

In order to keep up with this trend you need a Web Site that is compliant with a Smart phone or other mobile device.
I create Web Sites that are “responsive” or I  upgrade Web Sites to become "responsive".

That means the Web Site “sees” what kind of device is used to look at the Web Site and decides in which best-possible manner the information has to be presented to fit your device. In general I create 4 different formats:

  • Wide: fits a modern large monitor.
  • Normal: fits older monitors and tablets in landscape format. This size is also downward compatible with older PC's and browsers. For example Windows XP.
  • Narrow: fits a tablet in portrait format and some very large smart Phones in landscape format.
  • Mobile: fits all Smart phones.

So you are covered from Internet TV to I-Phone and anything in between.

You can look at the screenshots below to see examples.

This is the "Wide" view for modern, larger monitors.
This is the "Normal" view for older PC's
This is the "narrow" view for example  for tablets in portrait format
This is the "Cell Phone" view