Search Engine Optimization

*SEO or Search engine optimization is often presented as a mysterious method using things like “a key word strategy" and “quality links” to get a higher ranking in major search engines, resulting in a traffic increase for your Web Site.
Fortunately the reality is not so mysterious. SEO is  basically a logical procedure.
The major search engines check your website and content for relevance like:

  • Does the name match the content?
  • Does the top level domain match the geographical location? (.com for USA, .ca for Canada etc)
  • Are the keywords relevant to the content?
  • Are the links relevant to the content?
  • Is the content in the companies Social Media pages relevant to the content in the Web Site?
  • And more.

As you can see all these questions can easily be answered in a cooperative dialog between you and me, your web designer. I will achieve a good ranking in the major search engines for your business.